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The Front Porch Foundation was established in 2022 in response to the increased violence, crime, and addiction in our local communities.

Our Vision:

Create awareness and accessibility to mindfulness and healing practices through responsive community education and customized therapeutic approaches.

Our Mission:

Improve community wellness, through teaching and practicing mindfulness in schools and organizations and providing tailored therapeutic approaches for individuals and families.


Strategic Plan 2024 Goal Areas:

Next, three overarching areas of focus for The Front Porch were discussed and identified.

For the three areas, goal achievements were crafted for each area alongside what

success will look like once those strategies are achieved and what key strategies may

guide The Front Porch to its envisioned future.


• Infrastructure and Capacity Building

• Advance Professionalism

• Partnerships and Community Impact

To learn more about The Front Porch Foundation and schedule services or events click here 

To apply for Therapeutic Services under Financial Hardship click here 

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Adopt a Classroom Campaign

The Front Porch Foundation is running a campaign to hear stories from anyone who works at a school that would love to nominate a teacher or themselves to be adopted for our Mindfulness Project.

The classrooms will get a weekly or biweekly live mindfulness practice for mental health support in whatever space and time is permitted. They will also receive a mindfulness workshop once a month for the parents and the whole staff of the school. Wellness assessments will be delivered throughout the year to monitor outcomes.

We will have updates on our campaign at our fundraiser on September 16th from 2-5 pm at the Wellfield Gardens, Elkhart.


Please send your story and the name of the teacher and school or principal to

Please ensure you have written permission from your school before sending your email. We look forward to helping our community with a calm presence and educating about the mind.

Anyone who wants to improve their mental health in schools through our mindfulness project can attend the event to learn. 



All donations are welcome in support of our mission of improving social and emotional wellness in our community.  Donations contribute to our ability to provide individual therapy for those with financial hardships as well as community grants and scholarships to teach and practice mindfulness on a larger scale.

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