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An Introduction to The Front Porch


Dream Exploration

This closed group is for anyone who interested in exploring their dreams as a way to connect with yourself and understanding how your unconscious is working for you. Our dreams are one way to seek understanding of our behaviors, relationships, healing, and building a hope filled life.

There will be 10 spots for the group. Please email to be on the list to contact. 

Dates of Event: Last Wednesdays of the Month 
April 24th and May 22nd
6:00pm to 7:30pm. 

Cost: $40 a session per person- you will learn the basics of dream exploration and build a personal dream book. This group includes journal and art supplies. In addition a private online forum for questions and conversations will be ongoing for the weeks in between.



Join us for 5 workouts.


We will be practicing together as a team, led by professionals who will increase your heart and ear muscles for resolving conflict and becoming closer…it is never too late to live happily ever after.


This group will include: scientific methods on self regulation and conflict resolution, improv activities, mindfulness for self awareness, personality tests, journaling and art, family tree exploration exercise and a private one on one access time to a therapist for in between work outs. (Energy healing or Reiki also included)


Email to request a phone call and apply. $1200 per couple, 8 spots only. This will be a confidential and closed group.

Our Services

Our Services

The Front Porch Offers a variety of services to support you in your wellness journey. Our holistic approach integrates talk therapy, mindfulness, meditation, sand tray therapy, massage, Reiki/energy therapy and more to support healing and safe connection for all who seek it.

"Went to the front porch for 6-9 months. I highly recommend Jordan, Angie, or Cathy for marital and self help. They are educated, professional, and strive to assist people to heal. Thanks again!"

Ryan Chupp

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